Laila is small and black with huge yellow eyes.  She’s a lover or a fighter depending on her mood. She’s seen more of the world in her nearly nine years than many will see in a lifetime. Conceived on the streets of Haifa, she’s lived in Haifa, Tel Aviv, Oroklini, Cyprus and Oakland, California, stopping in Connecticut for a few months to stake her claim. She’s the terror of vets everywhere. She once bit through a Kevlar glove. And she loves lettuce. Really she loves about anything green and will dive into the refrigerator at any chance she gets. She’s one smart kitty.

Having lived in places with great produce and a great respect for produce–France, Israel, Cyprus, the Bay Area–I’ve come to appreciate just how amazing vegetables can be.  I’ve come a long way from the days of hiding peas in my napkin, and then in tissues and finally, desperately, in my pockets. I still hate peas but most other vegetables are welcome in my kitchen.

I’ve even convinced my die-hard carnivore husband to eat a (mostly) vegetarian diet with some fish thrown in. He’s not completely over to what some may consider the dark side, but he’s close. That said, this blog is not about converting anyone to vegetarianism, pescetarianism, raw-fo0dism or any other ism. It’s just about exploring new and delicious ways to eat your veggies.  My long days at the office mean that most recipes will be quick and easy–something you can throw together at the end of a long day. Sometimes I’ll splash out with something a bit more complicated, but for the most part the objective is quick, healthy, simple and yummy. 

One note: If I wrote everything down precisely–cooking times, measurements, etc–we would eat dinner at midnight and I’d likely never post. So my recipes may be a bit fuzzy; you will see a lot of “a bit of this, a bit of that” and “cook it until it’s browned, however long that may be”. But the nice thing about cooking is that there’s usually a fix if something goes wrong.

Happy cooking!


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